Alanya Events

2015-12-20 - Yazar : Kadir Uğurlu

Alanya organizes many sports events amidst a breathtaking nature and ample historical sights and welcomes participants from all over the world. The ETU European Triathlon Championship, for example, takes place with participants from various age groups and is organized in June every year.

Likewise, the European Beach Volleyball Tournament is held at the world famous Cleopatra Beach where nature and sports integrate. The International Handball Festival, Alanya Tennis Tournament, Turkey Regional Beach Soccer League are some of the major sports tournaments organized.

Music lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the concerts of the Alanya Jazz Festival, while art lovers can visit the original exhibitions of the Alanya Wood Sculpture Symposium.

Determined to become the center of many activities the town and make your holiday worthwhile Alanya organizes numerous activities and hosts famous personalities throughout the season.

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