Alanya Tepe Mah. 7834 M2 Land for Flat

Allocated in Alanya Tepe neighborhood,

6 adjacent units, each 1001 m2 and 1 1834m2 zoning. In total, 7834 m2.

It will be given to construction in return for the floor.

4 floors of construction can be made from the elevation difference. Sea view

Ad Details ID: #393

0 TL Date: 17-12-2020
Date Updated 19-01-2021
Region: Antalya / Alanya / Alanya Tepe Mah.
Tipi: Land
Availability : For Sale
Land Type : Land Against Flat
Swap : Not Done
Registry Status : Land
Related Municipal : Alanya
Square Meters : 7834

482 Person Viewed .
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