Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

2015-12-19 - Yazar : Kadir Uğurlu

-Can I withdraw money from ATMs?

Visitors may withdraw money in Turkish Lira as well as Euroand U.S. Dollar with their debit cards from the ATMs in Turkey. The majority ofATMs offer English language or other language options for the convenience offoreigners.

-Can I use my credit cards for shopping?

Visitors may use their credit cards and debit cards for allkinds of purchases. It is advisable, however, to carry some cash with you incase you take trips away from the city center or travel to smaller towns orvillages.

-What is the local currency in Turkey?

Turkish Lira is the local currency of the Republic ofTurkey. Visitors can exchange their cash money for Turkish Lira at exchangeoffices and banks.

-Can I drive in Turkey with my driver's license?

Foreigners may drive in Turkey provided that they keep theirpassport, international driver's license and the vehicle license with them allthe time. Turkey drives on the right side of the road and the advanced highwaynetwork allows easy access to different corners of the land.

-What kind of sockets are used in Turkey?

European two-pin sockets are widely used in Turkey aseverywhere in continental Europe.

-Do I have to speak Turkish to interact with people duringmy visit?

English is the most spoken foreign language everywhere inTurkey. You should have no problem meeting people who can speak English andhelp you get around in all the big cities, shopping malls, restaurants andholiday resorts.

-Can I use my mobile phone in Turkey?

Many international GSM operators provide coverage in Turkeyin addition to local GSM operators such as Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone. You mayask your GSM operator to activate the international roaming function of yourmobile phone before travelling to Turkey or just obtain a new SIM (SubscriberIdentity Module) card from local operators in Turkey.

- What are the opening and closing times of museums inTurkey?

All of the museums in Turkey are closed on Monday and areopen to visitation from 9:00 to  17.00 onthe other days

-What are the opening hours of pharmacies in Turkey?

Pharmacies are open across the country every day from 09.00– 19.00 except for Sunday. One pharmacy, however, is open 24/7 in eachneighborhood by the time the others are closed.

-What are the opening hours of shopping centers in Turkey?

In Turkey, shopping centers are open every day offering avariety of trademarks and services from usually from 10.00 am until 22.00 pm.

-What are the opening hours of banks in Turkey?

In Turkey, banks are in service of their customers from09.00 to 17.00 on weekdays but are closed on weekends.

- What is the time zone in Turkey?

The time zone in Turkey situated at the connecting point ofAsia and Europe is GMT +2.

-Do I need any vaccinations before going to Turkey?

There are no mandatory vaccinations before traveling toTurkey.

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