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2015-12-20 - Yazar : Kadir Uğurlu

The unique and magnificent landscape of Turkey is waiting to be explored by vacationers who are ready to hit the road!

Car Rental:  
Car rental companies positioned in close proximity to the airport and terminal exit gates as well as in numerous city centers and holiday resorts will provide you with the most appropriate vehicle for a pleasant car trip.

Traffic Lanes

Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat:  
drivers and passengers are legally required to fasten their seat belt as soon as getting into the car and to wear their belt until arriving at their destination. Likewise, children under the age of 7 are legally required to be seated in child safety seats for their own safety.

Drink Driving: 

Mobile (Cell) Phones:
Drivers are not allowed to use mobile phones while driving for their own security and that of their passengers. Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited by law and the penalty for breaking this law is a fine of 73 TL.

Travelling to destinations away from tourist centers:
Turkey is like a riddle to be solved as it hides numerous interesting spots and towns in the interior regions waiting to be explored. It is advisable to make use of a GPS device and road map and to keep an eye on the road signs at all times.

Some of the major highways of Turkey are toll highways that can be used in return for a small fee collected at automated HGS (fast pass system) and OGS (automatic pass system) stations located at the entrance and exit of toll highways. Tourists intending to rent a vehicle may bring up the matter and ask the car rental agency for their assistance.

Emergency Call
: Drivers can dial the following numbers in case of an emergency situation: 154 Traffic or 156 Gendarmerie.

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