Historical House in Alanya Tophane Neighborhood

The house in the Tophane district is 140 m2 and has 2 floors

No sales tax is charged on the title deed.

It's a two-story circle.

There is a large room on the ground floor and 2 rooms upstairs.

It has an open wooden balcony section.

As you know, the regions are

in which this building is located, within the protected area.

The renovation work here is subject to special approval

the Directorate of the Museum of the Ministry of Culture.

The renovation should be done in accordance with the original building.

Ad Details ID: #379

265,000 EUR Date: 21-10-2020
Date Updated 07-01-2021
Region: Antalya / Alanya / Alanya Tophane Mah.
Tipi: Residential Real Estate
Availability : For Sale
Housing Type : Historical building
The Floor : All Buildings
Number Of Rooms : 2 +1
Balcony : Terrace And Balcony
Number Of Floors : 2 Floor
Building Type : Stone Building
Structure Of The Status : Historic Buildings
Condition Of Use : Empty
Bedroom : 2 Bedrooms
Heating Type : Stove
Fuel Type : Coal / Wood
Garden : No
Registry Status : Detached Plot
Square Meters : 140
Mortgage Loan : Not Suitable

231 Person Viewed .
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